Impressions of students of 35 group (ЕP program “Psychology”) from industrial: social-psychological practice

19 березня 2020

In the period from 17.02 to 12.03.2020, students of the 35 group of the Faculty of Social and Psychological Education, studying under the educational-professional program Psychology passed the practice (industrial: social-psychological practice) on the basis of Uman secondary school I-III degrees № 11 them. MP Bazhana. Head of Practice – Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology Shelenkova N.L.

During the internship, students became acquainted with the basic directions and tasks of the psychologist’s activity, the normative documents that regulate the work of the psychological service of the institution. It was quite interesting to organize and carry out psycho-diagnostic work in an educational institution, which the students coped with “perfectly”!

Students note that they liked the fact that the children were interested in their work, they took an active part in the trainings that students conducted during the educational hours, techniques for determining the level of cognitive, emotional and motivational sphere, character traits and interpersonal relationships.

As a result of the internship, students have improved their professional skills, tested their strength in empirical psychological research and received many positive emotions and impressions!

We are grateful to the director of the Uman Comprehensive School I-III degrees № 11. M.P. Bazhan Volodimir Sokirsky and practical psychologist Ocheretyana Vita Valerivna for an opportunity to get acquainted with the basic directions and tasks of the professional activity of the psychologist and the work of the psychological service of your institution, as well as to deepen your theoretical knowledge and apply them in practice.