Excursion to the Basilian Monastery

6 вересня 2019

As part of the 1st year adaptation program, students of the Faculty of Social and Psychological Education visited a number of ancient monuments of history and culture, learned more about the history of Uman and its famous inhabitants. An exciting excursion was the dungeons, during which everyone in the theatrical form was able to see the life of Sadova Street in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Most of our freshmen were impressed by the Basilian Monastery in Uman, which was founded in 1765 with the assistance of the governor of Kyiv, Francis Salech Potocki. One of the construction monastery was Shafransky. There was a six-grade school at the monastery, which began its work in 1766. Its first rector was Hercules Kostecki. According to the foundation document, there were to be 14 Basilians, 4 missionaries, 4 professors and 400 students at the monastery.

Students enthusiastically listened to the guide, asked many questions and were interested in the history of not only the historical and cultural reserve, but also the city as a whole.

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