College Migus announces student recruitment

4 вересня 2019

The Pavel Tychyna College of Interdisciplinary Individual Humanities Studies announces a student enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The MIGUS College is eligible for second year students who have completed the first course of study with a grade point average of 4.0 (on a 5 point scale). The term of study is 3 years.

Recruitment is based on the results of the introductory interview. The candidate must submit an application form (a form which can be downloaded from the Polish Cultural and Educational Center (room 113) or at

Last Questionnaire Submission September 23, 2019

For further information, contact the Polish Cultural and Educational Center (room 113, new UDPU building) Goncharov Olga, tel .: +380988328336.

Detailed information about the conditions of entry and study at the MIGUS College can be found at