13 Students group went on a tour to Uman art gallery

17 листопада 2016


Students learned about the pictorial works of museum collections, have great value of Western artists XIX – early XX centuries: D. Betstsuoli, J. Ґreza, J. Simon, R. Kryzhanivskyi A. Bush, K. Mardzevycha, I. Sokolov, S. Reihan.
In the art gallery is widely represented national art – preserved works of Ukrainian artists of the XX century.


Great artistic value is the collection of works of folk artist of Ukraine sculptor G. Petrashevych. Considerable interest ceramics member of the International Academy of Ceramics folk artist D. Head, and collection of arts and crafts of the East. Among the unique sculptures are the work of Italian and Polish sculptor A. Canova and K. Hodebskoho.


13 group delighted by what he saw and an obligatory author go to the next exhibit, because college students have not only “chew granite science”, but fully developed!