Studio of successful entrant

2 жовтня 2019

To date, it is extremely important to work with students to choose a profession and university to study.

“Very often, applicants and their parents do not understand how to choose a university. From eighth and ninth grade, you need to work with children, talk to them about career opportunities. We have to show where university graduates go, what their salaries are, ”- said Education Minister Anna Novosad.

Admission to the university requires an external independent evaluation. Good preparation of the graduate in subject disciplines is not a guarantee of successful passing of the test. The results of research by the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment indicate that most graduates are psychologically unprepared. In order for the applicant to feel confident during the external independent assessment, he needs not only luggage of knowledge, but also special psychological training.

Dear high school students, we invite you to the “Successful High School”. The purpose of the studio is to provide professional orientation, increase the level of psychological competence of graduates and create favorable conditions for comprehensive personal development. Classes are aimed at strengthening mental health, professional self-determination and self-realization of the personality, to learn how to rationally allocate their time, to control their emotions, how to properly deal with conflicts.

The training is free of charge.

For more information, please call:

063 82 82 606, 097 79 423 41 – Elena Romanivna.

Studio of successful entrant