Impressions of first-year students from the first session

18 січня 2016

Winter session is almost over, students relax on vacation and meet New Year holidays. For our freshmen this session was the first in their life, so interesting to hear their impressions. Every year after the winter session we hold these mini-interviews. It has become a tradition.


So, we asked first-year students about their impressions of the first session.


As with every freshman, the first session is associated with something new and unfamiliar, even to some extent with certain obstacles. Because of the seniors repeatedly could hear that session – it’s just “horror”, especially the first. Another study from the beginning I thought of frightened session. I was very afraid when it will start the day on which everyone is talking about. When told that it can deliver prematurely, so to speak, and if well studied enough points, which will then also longer vacation, and I ceased to hope that possible. After the session did not hand over as fast as you might think.

But a miracle. Throughout the study I tried to study well to so to speak, that collect a certain number of points with which I have no obstacles would close the session early. Indeed, as I wanted it done that way. The session was commissioned ahead of schedule. I am proud of them. As I thought, it is no interference was not.

We need only to believe in themselves and their capabilities, and at least listen to others, it’s just depressing in our hearts everything that helps us achieve goals.

But, frankly, I believe that this is due to good teachers who work at our university. Because they sent us in the right direction. I am very grateful to all teachers, because thanks to them and their learning training was interesting and easy.

I wish you all to believe in yourself and everything will be fine! Interest and light all learning!

Alain Todorovski


ппо (3)

My first session went well, but this month it held the title of goosebumps, all said that the first main session, and I was very concerned for her. To some extent, the impression may change, but is positive, given that I handed her a gun. We can not say that the session was easy, permanent retake if linyvsya during the semester, taking INDZ, hiking tail for teachers to work at the computer in the morning, and more. So I can say that it was hard, but fun to some extent.

Alexander Stetsyuk

попо (1)

First session …. Of course, worried, worried whether enough points, or passed all the time, or have a scholarship. INDZ, seminars and notes – all spun. Especially difficult was the past 5 weeks, sleepless nights, the excitement, the same INDZ, abstracts and workshops …
But today I can confidently declare – session passed quickly, and I’m happy with the result.
I’m glad I chose this profession and this university. All the fun and light training session =))))

Anna Barabash

пнегенг (1)

The first session was for me something so that I expected something interesting and that made me worry. The most difficult was probably that it was necessary to take a lot of material on various subjects in a short time. I is positive a light that I saw the first results of their study, i liked it to me, because I’ve seen that already achieved something. Therefore, the impression of the first session I positive.

Vladimir Petric

енееш (1)

The first semester has flown by for me very quickly … I can not believe that the session is already behind …

As for the first time – it seemed pretty easy! There were problems with some things, but if we take into account that this is the first session – this is normal.

I liked and the process of putting all the items automatically. For me, it is nothing difficult in it is not the main thing to work hard and put a lot of effort.

And yet, allow teachers throughout the semester to gain high scores, and go for the long-awaited vacation.

Alina Lisyana

апрагегекг (1)

For me, in September, it was the most terrible words themselves ..

One person said that I have not a student, but his condition only after the first session. Now I am relieved to say that I have a student!

I it lasted about three weeks, and for me it flashed so quickly that I did not see things as collecting home …

During the first session I had everything: crying, hysterical, excitement …

Retake, tests, exams, final papers, INDZ …. when mention is terrible, and yet I have learned for myself that all the retake should close immediately and not wait for the session, and do not cover in one day three disciplines …

These three weeks were fine, we made friends all flow and all were just talking about the session that in most of its close, but now nobody ask all want back to the university, back to the couple, lectures, seminars, all grieve in their study.

To be honest, I liked it, and I would like to thank these funny moment from the first session.

Jeanne Pritikovska


енгешеш (1)

As such session I almost felt because almost all passed the machine. I stayed one exam, but I trust that part of it for good.

Tetyana Rozkidana


енешешеш (1)

My first session, fortunately, was successful. There were some difficulties that have been overcome and pass the session. I and my classmates conscientiously studied throughout the semester, as all we were told “but the session soon,” “Well, that session will be.” When it came time for the session, we are waiting for trial .. but we coped!

Having overcome the first session, looking forward to the second!

Anna Pohilyuk

We wish our freshmen these sessions light and good achievements, both in teaching and in student life in general.