Civil protection practice distance learning students

23 лютого 2016


February 22, 2016 at the Faculty of Social and Psychological Education defended state practice 5th year students of correspondence courses that acquire specialty social pedagogy (specialization: practical psychology) and practical psychology (specialization: practical psychology).


Task practice focused on conducting career guidance to students grades 9-11. It was during a public practice student interns did the first independent step in career guidance. They developed and conducted trainings, educational events, surveys, tests, questionnaires, psychological techniques that were aimed at providing assistance to students in an active, conscious professional self and labor formation based on their interests, abilities and aptitudes necessary for full participation in professional activities.


During practice, students have the opportunity to:

explore the state of career guidance in schools;
to participate in vocational work and social educator Psychologist educational institution explore the features of the exercise of professional orientation and identify actual problems that arise in this area;
conduct a comprehensive diagnostic examination of the individual student to examine his professional orientation, abilities, interests, motivational readiness
develop and implement a program for professional orientation sessions;
conduct professional orientation activities.


Protecting public practice began with a welcome speech Chairman of the State Examination Commission Dr. ped. Science professor. Department of Social Education and Social Work Carols NM, which introduced students to the procedure of protection practices and wished success.

Protecting the practice was also attended by group leaders and methodologists room. Ped. Science Assoc. Department of Social Education and Social Work Bondarenko GV, k. ped. Science Assoc. Department of Social Education and Social Work Polyehinoyi VM, k. ped. Science Assoc. Department of Social Education and Social Work Roenko SA, k. Psychology. N. Assoc. Department of Psychology Shuldyk GA, lecturer in psychology Mazur and O. Kharchenko N.


Using bright, informative presentations, students are familiarized with the examination board’s own accomplishments and achievements that were obtained by them in productive work in schools.


Congratulations to the students of the V course of his successful defense of the practice, which is the first stage of state certification of knowledge and skills of students. Good luck in future cases, persistence, energy and enthusiasm.